"While its name conjures images of roving canines, the only wild things you’re likely to find in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood are the gang of intrepid young art dealers who have set up shop in the formerly forgotten bayside section of the city." (read more)

"In her second solo show at Romer Young Gallery, Elise Ferguson continues her exploration of Op-esque architectural abstractions rendered in a magnetically attractive palette of soft, rich colors balanced with blacks, grays and creams. Made using a process that is as sculptural as it is painterly, these 21st century ‘portable frescoes’ offer very different viewing experiences from a distance and from close up." (read more)


Dodie Kazanjian
VOGUE, September 2016
How Small-Scale Paintings Become
the Art World's Big New Trend

"Shara Hughes, who was born in Atlanta, is a 35-year-old graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She paints in a small, windowless studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A visit there reveals a room chock-full of colorful, wildly idiosyncratic fantasy landscapes. She’s wearing overalls and a white T-shirt and has several discreet tattoos—a sun and moon on her right wrist and a 3-D red cube on her left forearm.(read more)

"Many of the highlights of the fair are installations, which include... a floor consuming piece by Ryan Wallace with Romer Young Gallery of San Francisco..." (read more)

"Echoing the materiality of Robert Rauschenberg and the restraint of Frank Stella, Wallace's "LD50" remixes art history to make something new. As views meander by three large scale paintings, they also walk across the work-treading tiles of the same tape, vinyl, plaster and debris that are recombined in the hanging works.”
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"A heavy dose of recycling: Consider this trash transformed. New York artist Ryan Wallace has scavenged construction materials, plaster, concrete, tape, tarp, vinyl and powdered metal to make new paintings, sculptures and a site-specific installation for his first solo exhibit at Romer Young Gallery, “Ryan Wallace: LD50.” (read more)

"In his first solo show at Romer Young Gallery, New York artist Ryan Wallace has filled the
space with junk. Wallace has accumulated a hoard of construction materials - Hydrocal, plaster, Plexiglas, lead, enamel, tape, and more—into his new sculptures, paintings, and a sitespecific installation for LD50. Swinging freely yet comfortably between the poles of chaos and order, composed and unintentional, Wallace’s process seems intuitive." (read more)